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1. Participation Requirements
Reservations can be made by e-mail, telephone or in person. Each individual or group who participates in these walks must:
a) fill in a registration form prior to the walk
b) maintain good physical and mental health
c) pay the total amount in cash prior to the walk. Participants are required to keep their receipt as proof of payment and present it at the start of the walk
Participants who have paid the total sum but are not punctual at the designated starting point, are not entitled to a refund. However, the company may reschedule their walk to another time and/or date, if possible, and providing this does not disrupt the daily schedule of the walks.
In the event of a cancelled walk due to circumstances beyond our control (weather, etc.) participants may reschedule their reservation to another time and/or date, or will be refunded the prepaid amount (full payment or deposit)
2. Refusal – discontinuation of walk
Each participant is required to strictly adhere to the safety rules and conform to the rules of appropriate behaviour set by the company. The following rules are conveyed to each and every individual prior to the walks:
a) All participants must obey the instructions of the authorised guide in order to ensure their safety
b) All participants are allowed to consume, during the walk, non-alcoholic beverages, water or soda drinks which they, themselves, have purchased from another place of business. Participants who are intoxicated and/or under the influence of illegal (according to Greek law) substances will be excluded before the start of the walk.
c) Littering is not allowed (including cigarette butts, plastic bottles, packaged wrappings etc.)
In the event of non-conformation to the above rules, the authorised representative of the company may refuse or discontinue the participant’s walk before the designated end. In either case, the participant is not entitled to a refund.
3. Liability Risk.
Walk 4 fun treks involve a high level of risk, and therefore, require participants’ high level of health. Walk4 fun presumes that participants are fully aware of the nature of danger involved and that participants assume the responsibility of their choice.
Of course, walk 4 fun will do whatever is humanly possible to handle any incidents and emergencies.

Find accomodation in Leonidio

Archontiko Chioti

  • Telephone: 27570 22332,27570 22668
  • URL: www.archontikochioti.gr
  • E-mail: info@achioti.gr
  • Leonidio Arcadias, ZIP Code 22300

Archodiko Chatzipanagioti

  • Telephone: 27570.22476 – 27570.29.037
  • URL: www.hatzipanayiotis.gr
  • E-mail: hotel@hatzipanayioitis.gr
  • Leonidio Arcadias, ZIP Code 22300

Hotel Byzantinon

  • Telephone: 27570 51220
  • URL: www.byzantinonhotel.gr
  • E-mail: info@byzantinonhotel.gr
  • Poulithra, Leonidio Arcadias, ZIP Code 22300

Agroktima Inn

  • Telephone: 27570 23244
  • URL: www.agroktima.com
  • E-mail: info@agroktima.com
  • 3rd km. Leonidion – Plaka national street
  • Leonidio Arcadias, ZIP Code 22300

Hotel Polichni

  • Telephone: 27570 51264
  • URL: www.polixni.com
  • E-mail: info@polixni.com
  • Poulithra, Leonidio Arcadias, ZIP Code 22300
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