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A Walk Round Leonidion

Trekking Leonidio

The town of Leonidion, with its impressive natural and architectural beauty, is one of the most beautiful spots in the region. The …

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Prophet Elias


The countryside around the town of Leonidion is dotted with small churches and monasteries which are such a distinctive …

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The Monastery Panagia Elona


The monastary of the Panagia Elona is an important part both of the history and of life today in Leonidion and …

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The Spring Among the Cypress Trees


On the road to Kosma, with a wonderful view up to the Monastery of Elona, is a small stone fountain, known as The Hunters’ Spring ….

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The Step of the Red Rock Mountain


The town of Leonidion is bounded to the north by the impressive and imposing vertical mountain cliff known …

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Saint Thanasios


The quaint and picturesque harbour of Plaka, the seaport of Leonidion, welcomes its guests at the pretty taverns, under …

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Saint Demetrios – Elona


On the road Leonidion-Kosma, at an altitude of 1000m, up on a plateau on the fir-clad Parnona mountains, stands the small church of …

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The Road of Stones


We begin our trek at the old steamroller at Leonidion’s main bridge, and follow the route up to the mountain church of the Prophet Elias …

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The Limnes Path


Leonidio is connected by paths to a number of smaller settlements. Our walk starts off on the northeast side of Leonidion, at …

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Saint Nicolas of Sitzas


The countryside around the town of Leonidio is dotted with the small churches and monasteries, which are such a distinctive part …

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The Vaskina Path


A network of paths link Leonidion to many small regional settlements. One such village is Vaskina, where sheep and goats are bred, raised …

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