Advanced Treks

Above the 3 windmills

Trekking 3 Miloi

Our trek begins on the northeast side of Leonidion, near the All Saints Cemetery. Our hike towards the top of the red rock cliffs …


From Limnes to the Point

Trekking Limnes Miti

This unusual and little-known trek begins at Limnes and ends at the spot known as Leonidio’s Point. We climb Petra Hill …


The Stone Strata

Trekking Petrini Strata

We set off from the antique steamroller by main bridge over the Daphnona river and climb up the hill to the small church …


Extended Walk of Elona

Trekking Giros Elonas

On the road to Kosma, about 10 km from Leonidion, just below the path leading to the Monastery of Elona, stands a small stone spring …


St Nicolas – Tsitalia

Trekking Agios Nikolaos Tsitalia

This trek begins at the old steamroller located by the main bridge over the Daphnona River. Our first stop is the Monastery of Saint …


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