The Limnes Path



Leonidio is connected by paths to a number of smaller settlements. Our walk starts off on the northeast side of Leonidion, at All Saints Cemetery, with its imposing grave monuments. From the cemetery, a path leads to the neighbouring town of Tyros.

We climb for an hour along the old cobblestone path, with its many switchback turns, to the small plateau of Limnes. From the plateau, we walk on through Melana, a mountaintop village, and take in the breathtaking views of the Mirtoon Pelagos.

. In Melana, we visit the folk art museum and hope to meet some of the villagers, who still speak the ancient Tsakonian dialect. Some scholars believe that this dialect is very close to the Doric dialect spoken by the ancient Spartans.

. This route can be done either by walking from Leonidion to Melana, or from Melana to Leonidion.

Duration 2.30 – 3.30 hours
Degree of Difficulty Medium at the beginning, easier thereafter
Number of Participants 2 – 20 people
Bring with you Trainers or trekking boots, light sportswear, a hat and water
We provide Poles, backpack containing whistle and torch
Participation Requirements Registration form, full payment in advance, good physical and mental health
Κόστος 20 ευρώ / άτομο
Transport to starting point will be provided by walk4fun vehicle


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