The Step of the Red Rock Mountain



The town of Leonidion is bounded to the north by the impressive and imposing vertical mountain cliff known locally as “The Red Rock.” On the northeast side of this mountain lies the lowest point of the “step,” as the path has long been called.

Our trek begins at the central bridge over the River Daphnona. From the bridge, we walk along Leonidion’s narrow streets to the All Saints Cemetery. There, we make our way up the old path, and within 45 minutes, we reach the top.

ΑOn one side, we take in the plateau of Petsina, and on the other, we look down at the town of Leonidion. We return, descending the same path, and follow the route back to our initial starting point.

Duration 1.30 – 2.00 hours
Degree of Difficulty Easy, suitable for children over 10 years of age
Number of Participants 2 – 20 people
Bring with you Trainers or trekking boots, light sportswear, a hat and water
We provide Poles, backpack containing whistle and torch
Participation Requirements Registration form, full payment in advance, good physical and mental health
Cost 15 euros / person


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