A Walk Round Leonidion

trekking - A Walk Round Leonidion


The town of Leonidion, with its impressive natural and architectural beauty, is one of the most beautiful spots in the region. The main bridge over the Daphnona River, the three remaining wind mills on a hillside east of town, the mountain side churches, as well as the town’s old towers, mansions, and winding paths, all speak of Leonidion’s long and distinguished past.

Our tour begins in the heart of Leonidion, at the bridge over the Daphnona River, which cuts Leonidion in two. We set off from the handsome restored antique steamroller, which was used to construct the roads many years ago.

Crossing the bridge, we head west on the main road, that encircles Leonidion. We come to an area locals refer to as “The Mill” , where an old windmill and the small church of Saint Nektarios are located.

From the windmill, we walk east along the path of the “Dexameni,” the town’s reservoir, making our way in the long shadow of the imposing almost vertical mountain cliff, which the locals call the “Red Rock.”

We continue on to the Cemetery of All Saints, many of whose marble headstones are true works of art. A small walk on through a small pine forest brings us to the location known as the Three Windmills. The view from this spot is impressive, with the fertile valley and the sea below us to our left, and the town of Leonidion and the Parnon mountain range off to our right.

On our way back into town, we pass the Tsikaliotis Tower, one of the most beautiful traditional mansions of the area. We finish our walk, having completed a full circle round Leonidion, back at the starting point.

Duration 1.45 – 2.15 Hours
Degree of Difficulty Easy,
suitable for children over 8 years of age
Number of Participants 2 – 20 people
Bring with you Αθλητικά ή trekking παπούτσια, ελαφριά αθλητική ενδυμασία,
καπέλο, νερό.
We Provide Poles,
backpack containing a whistle and torch
Participation Requirements Registration form. Full payment in advance. Good physical and mental health
Cost 15 euros/ person



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